About the owner

Live, Love, and Eat dessert first! This is a concept that Kerry Gordon, owner of BabiCakes LLC, lives by. As a child Kerry remembers sitting at the family table with a plate full of Jamaican cuisine only to hear her mother say “No dessert until you finish your dinner”. This was all the incentive her insatiable sweet tooth needed to wolf down her food and enjoy her favorite, a slice of Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake. She prides herself on capturing your sweet tooth by combining her culture, three generations of bakers, and her indulgent flavor profiles to give you the best dessert experience. “BabiCakes is my way of sharing a part of who I am”, she says. “So why not, live each and every day with purpose? Love even the small moments? And save the best…for first?”

BabiCakes welcomes you to LIVE, LOVE & EAT DESSERT FIRST!


BabiCakes LLC

Commercial Kitchen Space
West Palm Beach, Florida


Sunday-Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10:00am - 5pm